Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety are a top priority for our business. Every business must have the policy to manage health and safety by law. This policy sets out the general approach to health and safety and explains how the employer will manage it within the business. The policy should be clear about who does what, when and how. Having a well-defined health and safety policy helps create a safe and healthy work environment for employees and can prevent accidents and injuries. It also helps to avoid potential legal liabilities. In short, a well-managed health and safety policy benefits everyone involved in the business.

Health and Safety Policy

Last updated: June 30, 2022

This Health and Safety Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the commitment to improving our Health and Safety across all our business processes

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Optimised 3D Engineering Ltd adopts a risk management approach to health and safety (H&S) ensuring that hazards arising from our work activities are identified and addressed as a part of ‘business as usual. In managing H&S, the Senior Management Team (SMT) will create a culture that ensures sound H&S management is afforded the same priority as other business objectives, and becomes an integral part of everything we do including:

  • Allocating responsibilities for H&S to our employees, suppliers and business partners as appropriate.
  • Providing an adequate budget and resources for H&S management.
  • Monitoring, measuring, auditing and reporting on our H&S performance at least annually and more often where our processes change or when a dynamic need occurs.
  • Leading from the top by demonstrating good H&S practice, and performing regular safety tours to identify issues and ensure they are analysed and managed appropriately.
  • Ensuring people are empowered to raise H&S concerns with the management team.

    Our commitment to a competent workforce

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    Changes to this Environmental Policy

  • Appoint competent H&S personnel and appropriate resources for deployment across the company.
  • We will engage with our people and other stakeholders to ensure our activities and, where appropriate theirs, are compliant with our H&S vision and standards.
  • Provide the necessary information, instruction, supervision and training that ensures people are given the resources to perform their job and tasks safely.
  • Work with the support of external agencies and within our industry, to ensure our continued adoption of best-practice solutions in health and safety management is appropriate.

    Our commitment toward risk management


  • Assess the risks associated with hazards and inform people of risks that affect their work.
  • We commit to controlling and reducing the risk to an acceptable level to reduce the potential for incidents and accidents. This commitment is extended to external agencies.
  • Develop a suite of policies that will be communicated and allow for procedures to be developed to help maintain good standards of health and safety.
  • Devise an emergency action plan for our organisation.
  • Implement health surveillance where relevant hazards are presented to the workforce to help prevent any work-related ill-health development.
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