Additive manufacturing (AM) is the pathway to the future of manufacturing. If that sounds like a big claim then consider the benefits of 3D printing for certain industries. AM doesn’t only offer better and faster production at a lower cost, it also saves energy and time and boosts your company’s profit margin. 3D printing is especially useful for businesses looking for high production at low input costs.

It’s Very Cost-Effective

In the past, the cost of manufacturing was much higher because of the machines and labor involved. Typically, manufacturing a product requires equipment and personnel to operate it, all of which push up the price. AM provides a cost-effective time solution.

AM or 3D printing only requires a computer and a suitable manufacturing machine to operate it in order to produce many units of a given product at low cost. There is no more need to spend money on many different machines and a workforce to maintain them, effectively slashing the costs of production.

Revisions are Easy

When working with conventional manufacturing infrastructure there were huge problems revising products that were either faulty or modeled incorrectly. The entire manufacturing process had to be recalibrated for the new design or amendment. With 3D printing, these concerns are a thing of the past.

Today, if a product is faulty for some reason or the client wants it revised, it is a very easy process. You simply go back to the original model on the CAD and adjust it. The printer will then start producing the new version without additional costs or delays.

Less Overhead

Being a business owner, you are likely always concerned about the overhead involved with doing business. Outsourcing your 3D printing will lead to a serious drop in your overhead costs. No more employees needed to assist in the manufacturing of these small parts. Send us your prototype and we’ll get either a large or small batch of products into production.

Don’t know exactly what you want or how to make a prototype? Not to worry, our expert staff can guide you through this process. Our mission is to design, create and produce models and parts for people and companies globally. You don’t have to know exactly what you need, that’s our job.

It Reduces Waste

Conventional production methods are very wasteful. For example, milling will carve a product from a piece of wood and the excess shavings and parts will be used for kindling or dumping. But 3D printing uses only what is needed.

Because 3D printing services, like Optimized 3D, uses a CAD model it doesn’t waste any materials in the process of creating the product. It applies the product in layers so there is no excess, which will reduce the manufacturing waste by around 90 percent.

It Saves Energy

One of the big challenges today is how to reduce energy consumption and make the manufacturing process more carbon neutral. There’s no doubt that 3D printing has a significant role to play. It not only reduces waste but also offers a lighter manufacturing process, saving the environment in the process, and produces more efficient products.

Additive Manufacturing uses less energy because it uses fewer materials, it also eliminates steps in the process that would otherwise be carbon producing. Moreover, the products created tend to be lighter and more durable than conventional production.