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Saving you time, money and space

Our on-demand manufacturing service is designed for small businesses and one-man bands in need of cost-effective and flexible manufacturing. With shorter production cycles, greatly reduced inventory costs and a lessened reliance on warehousing, clients are able to receive their products within 3 to 4 weeks of providing us notice.

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What are the stages of our on-demand manufacturing services?

Icon client discussion

Icon 1 The client either gets in contact with us with products ready for digital manufacturing, or naturally progresses to this stage after using our comprehensive product development services.

Icon product research

Icon 2 The client will be provided access to an online portal, allowing them to request a specified number of products depending on their customer base or market trends.

Icon product design

Icon 3 Optimised 3D Engineering will act as both manufacturer and stockist of these products. Units can either be shipped to the client directly, or stored on-site at our digital manufacturing facilities until they are needed.


Altogether, this is a more cost-effective and altogether feasible means of manufacturing and stocking for smaller businesses. Whether a client is looking to have an ongoing provider of digital manufacturing or looking to gradually build their initial stock foundation of 1,000 units, our flexible digital manufacturing services allow us to find a customer-focused solution.