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We find solutions to complex problems so you don’t have to. You’ve had the spark of inspiration that could change the world and we run with it so it becomes the product you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to know every fine detail, we’re always happy to guide you through; but if you want a service that works silently in the background, we offer that too. No matter how you want things to work, we’ll tailor our services so they deliver exactly what you need, and nothing more.

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What’s the world saying about us?


Excellent service from Optimised 3D, Easy to deal with and superb quality for my 3D printed prototype. I’ll be using them again for sure.


Simple, adaptable, flexible- great service! Would recommend.

J Summers

I went to Optimised 3D with a very rough product idea, they came up with some really great designs and completely thought outside the box. I got the prototype and I love it. Peter kept me in the loop the entire time and was so helpful if i had any questions. I’ll be in touch soon to order the fist batch. Thank you.

Project examples
(Due to our running NDA’s we’re obliged to keep some projects secret for now)

Loil Scalp Repair Brush

A device that oils the scalp without creating a mess of the treatment oil.

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After Market Parts 

We scan and produce parts that you never thought would be made again.

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On-Demand Batch Production 

We were asked by MOSCO Specialist Oilfield Products LTD to create unique polymer casings that could withstand high temperatures during extended load times. 

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What are your thoughts?

Our goal is to connect you with the resources and expertise that turns your bright idea into the next big thing. And if you don’t want to get slowed down by all the fine details, we can keep things simple by taking care of everything.

How much will turning my idea into a product cost?

That’s a great question. There are many factors at work here! It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and how much research has been done up until this point. Regarding possible intellectual property issues, they may come into play during the design process itself – The level of creativity/design already set out towards achieving our final goal(s), AND the creativity/design you hope to achieve, is also crucial, which may need more exploration than others; such as determining which type (or types)of prototype might best suit both yourselves AND potential clients’ needs whether you’d like us to support you or just get some advice. We’re here for you.

How do I know you won’t steal my idea

O3E is built on trust between project creators, backers, team members, the O3E community and the wider world. One of the most fundamental ways we foster trust is through transparency. Initially, we’ll create a non-disclosure contract and then use our high-security client portal to ensure all documentation and files are safely in your grasp. We believe that being open about your project’s status, and sharing ideas with our team, is a powerful community-building tool for project creators, designers and inventors. By being safely transparent, you build a better project, Allowing you to approach backers, buyers, and loyal believers in your new brand and use their feedback to create something great. Ultimately, safe and secure transparency is essential to making the strong relationships at the heart of the O3E community.

Never Be Left Waiting

Got no idea how to go from prototype to product? With us by your side, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is stand back and see the big picture while we get everything set up and fine tuned.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Turn what the rest of the world thinks is a passing trend into a continuous source of income with a little help from the experts. It’s the simple, stress-free way to build a business that grows and grows.

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