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Optimised 3D Engineering's client-focused approach to manufacturing and broad scope of services sets us apart as a provider of digital manufacturing services. We are uniquely positioned as small enough to provide custom engineering services tailored for each client's needs and preferences, while having the connections and infrastructure to not let this compromise our abilities.

In an industry of productised solutions and single-focused specialists, we offer our clients a complete solution that takes them from the earliest ideations all the way to on-demand manufacturing, without having to pigeonhole ourselves into working with a particular sized client or industry.

Between our varied experience, comprehensive services and individualised approach, we are more than qualified to create a custom solution for your engineering or manufacturing needs.




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Our Humble Beginnings

We treat each project as a problem to be solved, rather than a service to be provided. This approach, and the beginnings of Optimised 3D Engineering itself, stem from the experiences of our founder, Peter Sives.

He discovered his appreciation for the problem-solving applications of engineering while working as a utility arborist around power lines. With this being precise yet dangerous work with a large margin for error, he soon found himself spending more time in the company workshop creating solutions than up in the trees.

Following the design and small-scale production of insulated safety equipment and specialist pulleys for his colleagues, he started taking requests for specialist tools from powerline technicians. This was his springboard into the larger world of custom engineering services, culminating in the foundation of Optimised 3D Engineering.

Having since built an experienced team and established a manufacturing base in China, Peter Sives and the rest of the Optimised 3D Engineering are here to provide tailored design and digital manufacturing services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

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Our services include

Comprehensive Product Development 

A complete package leading the client from the earliest designs to the manufacturing of the final product.

Bespoke Digital Manufacturing Solutions 

On-demand digital manufacturing services, with optional stocking and inventory management.

Reverse-Engineering and Design Refinement 

Gaining a full understanding of a single product of component, before duplicating or enhancing the design.

Product Design and Prototyping 

Transforming a client's concepts and ideas into a functional prototype.

Advanced 3D Modelling and Simulation 

Showcasing a product for securing stakeholder funding or marketing, and/or testing it in simulated real-world conditions.

Each one of the above design and digital manufacturing services are far from fully customisable to fit the client's needs, budget and timeframes. We can just as easily incorporate 3D modelling and simulation into a product development package, just as we can work with pre-existing designs or blueprints.



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Find out if you could benefit from our custom engineering services by booking a 30-minute consultation with our team. If time is of the essence and you need an immediate yes or no, please call us at 0800 861 1701 during usual business hours.

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The Optimised 3D Engineering Watchwords


We treat our business relationships as partnerships. To that end, we get to know both our clients and their particular needs in as much detail as possible.


Our solutions are as individual as the clients we provide them to, varying from the particular services we provide to the pricing model.


The full suite of our custom engineering services leaves no stone unturned, from the earliest iterations of a design to the refining of the manufacturing process.





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