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Unique solutions for unique businesses

Optimised 3D Engineering offer a diverse yet specialist assortment of digital manufacturing services and product development consulting services, benefitting a wide range of customers from inventors looking to create their first prototypes to medium-sized businesses needing bespoke solutions.

Although our services can be grouped together and categorised, they are far from one-size-fits-all packages - We provide unique solutions for unique problems. Whatever your needs, limitations or restrictions, Optimised 3D Engineering can deliver precisely what you need.

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Industrial resin printer with completed model




Comprehensive Product Development

A full top-to-tail service where we systematically transform concepts into a sellable product.

This encompasses everything from design works to streamlining the manufacturing process of the final product for efficiency.

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Bespoke Digital Manufacturing Solutions

A flexible solution for those with something to sell who lack a manufacturing base or inventory of stock.

Optimised 3D Engineering will step in as your digital manufacturer, giving you on-demand production of your goods as and when you need them.

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Industrial 3D printer creating machine part

 CNC machine carving metal



Reverse Engineering and Design Refinement

Both creating copies of an existing product from scratch and improving on the original design.

This is particularly useful for those who work with out-of-production products or those who want to go the extra mile to create the best possible product.

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Product Design and Prototyping

A tailored service for those with ideas they are struggling to turn it into a tangible product.

Optimised 3D Engineering's product development consulting services will walk you through from the earliest concepts to the initial prototypes.

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Person sketching initial concept designs on paper for product

Person designing CAD model on computer



Advanced 3D Modelling and Simulation

A comprehensive solution for clients looking to secure funding for their projects or products.

Optimised 3D Engineering will consult with you to create full 3D models of your ideas or potential future renditions, which can then be forwarded to potential investors.

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Each one of these design and digital manufacturing services are different, but they all start with a detailed consultation to get to know your needs, preferences and budget.

To find out how we can help you, book a conversation here or call us at 0800 861 1701 to speak with one of the team.

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