3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Services




Replicate, refine and innovate with 3D Scanning

Optimised 3D Engineering offer both 3D scanning reverse engineering services and design refinement services for those in need of part replication or optimisation. We take advantage of the latest 3D scanning and modelling technologies, balanced by our continual dedication to a client-focused experience.

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What are the stages of our 3D scanning reverse engineering services and refinement services?

Icon shipping

Icon 1 A client sends the part(s) they want to be reverse-engineered to our site

Icon 3D modelling

Icon 2 We will 3D scan and/or take the part(s) apart, depending on the size or complexity of the component

Icon design schematics

Icon 3 The scans or design schematics create a natural springboard for our small- or large-scale digital manufacturing services


 The process is the same for our design refinement services, with the exception that we will actively be looking for ways to improve or iterate on the design. What this exactly entails depends on the needs and interests of the client, and can vary from bringing an outmoded product to a modern standard or seamlessly adding new features/functions.