Product Design Services




Product Design Services

Optimised 3D Engineering's robust product design services are designed to turn even the vaguest of ideas or concepts into a finalised design. As part of our dedication to go above and beyond the call for our clients, this will be paired with a feasibility and market study report to leave them in the best possible position to move forward towards manufacturing.

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What are the stages of our product design services?

 We will arrange a consultation with the client, during which we will discuss and examine whatever existing materials or concepts they have.

 Our team will then put together a full computer-aided design for the client, paired with the aforementioned report on their product's feasibility, market fit and potential competitors

 This offering is rounded out with a suggested price point, based on the current industry index


 We collaborate with our clients during this process to ensure that the final design aligns perfectly with their objectives and any existing brand identity. This naturally pairs well with our other digital manufacturing services such as comprehensive product development, and we are more than happy to move on to this once the design is finalised.