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A complete end-to-end solution

Optimised 3D Engineering offer a holistic and customer-focused approach to product development, seamlessly guiding our clients from early ideation to market-ready reality.

Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, market insights and our team's collective experience, we ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds your vision and customer's expectations.

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What Are The Stages Of Our Comprehensive Product Development Services?

digital manufacturing company in United Kingdom The client sends us whatever information they have following our initial consultation, be they early blueprints, digitised mock-ups or even simple ideas.

digital manufacturing company in United Kingdom The Optimised 3D Engineering team will take a look at what the client has forwarded us and use this as a basis for our early designs and prototype planning. 


Our first prototype will act as proof of concept, ensuring that all the features of the product work as intended

The second prototype will finalise the appearance for marketing purposes

The third prototype is designed to test the capacity of the product for standard or digital manufacturing

The fourth prototype iterates on the buildability of the product before full-scale manufacturing begins


The final prototype will be a comprehensive beta product, which is then sent to our manufacturers for feedback on timescales and how to make the manufacturing more efficient

From here we offer the client the opportunity to commence product of the first 50 products and provide them with a timescale for completion.

 The client is intimately involved in this process, from the earliest discussions to the subsequent prototype iterations, and are encouraged to make amendments and provide feedback on the product as and when they see fit.